If you want to live your summer to the fullest, showing off your sensational body then your path toward fitness should start RIGHT NOW!

Everyone needs a different approach to a healthy lifestyle, in particular when it comes to fitness.

Summer is coming, the sun is getting every day less shy and BOOM it’s time to show off your body.
Well, not necessarily!
In Japan, for example, despite the high humidity (Top 5 Hair Oil), women tend to cover their body even in Summer. In fact, in East Asian’s countries to have a “white-skin” is considered synonymous of beauty and elegance.

By 2015, 55 millions of people used to go to the gym on a regular basis, only in the US. Circa half of them said that their main purpose was to find friends or to check out the opposite sex.

How about Japan?
Japanese Fitness Clubs are instead almost monopolized by elder people, firstly because they have enough time to go to the gym, and secondly because it is an essential way to keep socializing.

Some people keep training all their lives, others instead decide to come back on track after many years away from weights and treadmills.
Well, you already know you do not need to go to the gym to stay fit. The web offers any kind of option that allows you to train from your living room.

Youtube and Instagram –Kayla Itsines (BBG program) is one of the most famous Fitness Guru- are overflowed of prep meal, yoga clips, and protein shakes BUT, please be careful because that specific approach may not be proper for you.

We have tried some different training approaches, from soft to intense, through some Yoga lessons, here the THREE OPTION we have selected for you.


If you are starting your fitness journey after a pregnancy, or simply after a long period away from physical exercise ( only GOD know if we do not deserve it, OCCASIONALLY), then the SOFT approach is the best way to go, and transform this new “to-do thing” in a long term habit you won’t be able to live without.
Let’s be honest, if you are not born with the “Fitness Gene”, then you need to put an extra effort to achieve your body goal.

LEVEL: beginner
HOME: no equipment


Who said Yoga’s only purpose is to introduce us to our inner self?
Yoga is a good alternative to Cardio: increasing mobility, it allows your natural detoxification process, improving your muscle resistance enhancing flexibility.
So let’s roll out the MAT.

If you are not new at fitness jungle or you simply want to come back in shape faster ( which is possible only according to your health. It is proven that over-exercise can be dangerous for both your body and your mind),

you can recreate this workout in a park with some of your athletic friends. In some cases, you may need weights, resistance bands, ankle straps.

In order to make me feel more confident and push myself to go to the gym, I treat myself some of the coolest fitness outfit that make me feel strong, and maximise my comfortability along this though path toward our healthy life.


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