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Are you still hesitant about the academic path that you want to pursue?
Many students after the fatigue of high school’s final year need an amount of time to relax, breath and consider the variety of options that life offers them.

If you are still thinking about which faculty is right for you, but at the same time you are afraid of wasting precious time, a planned GAP YEAR is what you are looking for. This is the first of a series of articles that we wrote on this topic.

EF Gap Year offers you the chance to travel, gain documented skills, improve your language proficiency, develop leadership attitude, volunteer in different countries all around the world.

EF global presence and support

“Our dedicated team of 52,000 EF Education First personnel in 50 countries and 612 offices and schools around the globe ensures that wherever you venture on an EF program, we’re there to support you 24/7.”

EF is one of the most famous student association that allowed thousands students to study a foreign language in literally every corner of the globe.


-last 26 weeks
-is all-inclusive

TERM 1 September-December

3 days of Orientation, and you will start with MODULE A.

MODULE A establishes a full immersion of study and travel around some of the most beautiful European cities.

MODULE B (6 weeks)
It offers 7 languages school where to study:

MODULE C (6 weeks)
Keep learning during your volunteer/community service in your host countries.

TERM 2 (January-April)
Explore the world in one of the most fascinating environment: Australia and New Zeland.

Start your INTERNSHIP in a respected organization in a Global city such as Tokyo, Berlin, Dublin or Milan.

EF also helps its student during your College/University application process.

Most of the times, future college or university students who opt for a Gap Year prefer to travel or to find a job. What about doing both?

After this enriching experience, you will be an authentic world citizen.


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