Looking for a team-working experience where you can train your leadership skills?
Do you want to acquire knowledge on issues of global interest?
If you desire to improve your English with specific terminology and useful public speaking techniques in all area, we know what you’re looking for!

MODEL UNITED NATIONS is the right way to acquire an overall strategic vision that will allow you to better orient yourself to future choices.

Haven’t you heard about MUN?
The simulation of the work of the United Nations where the role of ambassadors is played by students.
You will represent a Country and shall hold the same values and interests faithfully.
The scope is to negotiate and obtain the approval of documents (resolutions) that favor the assigned country.


  1. Prepare your first speech clear and well organized with a quite high tone of voice. Remember that there are hundreds of people and the level of attention is low.
  2. Use the unmoderated suspensions to explain your own idea and speak with other participants.
  3. Do teamwork with your co-delegate.
  4. Write notes to communicate with another specific delegate to save time and guarantee a dialog.

What are you waiting for?

You will have the incredible opportunity to sojourn in stunning cities like Washington, New York, Hong Kong, Rome, Dubai, Bruxelles, and many others.
In fact, you will have the chance to travel and, above all, experience the big city life.
Do you want to be part of this? Choose the project you prefer and send the application you will find on www.modelunitednations.it
After a Skype interview, if you will be selected, you will attend a course online with your future tutor.
You will be ready for this great adventure, where you will meet people from all over the world.
This is the perfect way to get in touch with multicultural contexts, in which learning something new is not optional.
An experience that will change your life.

Only the best is contemplated in this program: from hotels like Washington Mariott Wardman Park, Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, to trips in downtown like One World Trade Center, The George Washington University and The Empire State Building.
It’s time to begin your mission of delegate!


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