Doing sports is a serious matter, find the right legging that allows you to move with the highest adaptability and comfortability is ever more serious.

Down below you will find the Top 5 leggings that we consider the best on the market.

Align Pant 25″ Nulu by LULULEMON

It is available in 17 colours and sizes from 0 to 14.
Starting from the cons, probably the only adverse thing about this leggings is the price that is about 88 £. Is it worthy? It is just a legging you may say, and you would be absolutely right but here some reasons that make it worth it for us.
One of Lululemon’s mantra says ” designed to minimize distractions and maximize comfort”. How? Nulu’s fabric is smooth and breathable.
Their almost next to nothing approach definitely improve your ability to perform in any kind of sport you are passionate about.

ASOS 4505
If you like to vary your gym’s outfits according to your mood, ASOS gives us the chance to do it at a reasonable price.
It offers a huge variety of products, from the high waist sports leggings to sweat shorts, to yoga strap vest and swimsuits.
Yes, you will end up with more sportive clothes than ever!

Flexxfit’s leggings are made in order to make you feel like sculptured by Michelangelo!
The V coutoured stitching shapes your body and tones up your butt. We like it because it is affordable yet performant.

If you are looking for an evergreen, a comfortable legging to wear also outside the gym for a coffee or a branch with your bestie, then the 3 stripes Adidas leggin is what you are looking for.
The three stripes along side seams, the small trefoil logo, and its tight fit wear make this leggin feels almost like a second skin.

Nike’s Power Studio Lux has been created mostly for yoga’s workout.
We have tried it also during a Zumba session.
Here our response: the high-rise waistband maximize your comfort; it supports your tights and enhances your shape with its “slim through the hips”, improving agility during your workout.


The price of the leggings mentioned above is quite diversified but depending on where you live, the gym’s fee can be already high. If you do not want to invest a considerable amount of money in sports outifits, we offer you a reasonable but worthy alternative.
UNIQLO WOMEN AIRISM SOFT LEGGINGS comes in 4 colours and in sizes from XXS to XXL. High-waisted design supports your waist during exercise, it also provides a quick-drying DRY technology.


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