Discovering the Norland College, where the best nannies of the United Kingdom have studied. (Even the Royal babies’ nanny)

They are called Norlander and are perfect nannies with bowler hats and uniforms cream. Even with little princes. Miss Maria Teresa Turrion Borallo, Spanish, 48 years old, takes care of the British royal babies (one nanny is enough, even if the children are three). She is graduated at this school and it is guaranteed that it isn’t a usual training.

The degree at Norland College, established by Emily Ward in London in 1892, with head office in Bath since 2003, includes an in-depth analysis of every aspect of the growth of children. The special Nordland Degree focuses on the practical aspects and skills needed to grow up children (0-8 years old), from health to well-being, from food to play, to cutting and sewing. The new-graduates are then placed in a family for a paid training year. This cursus honorum could be enough to understand the value of these nannies. But it is the complementary courses that make them closer to a CIA agent than to a nice Mary Poppins. Some examples? Driving in the presence of distractions and adverse weather conditions, cyber-security, personal defense. But there are other activities more common and curious like workshops of hairstyles for children, baby massage, cooking with children.

After the studies here, 100% of the nannies are at work and earn on average around € 41.000 a year gross. A nanny with more than 5 years of experience from 71.000 € to 90.000 € a year if she has to move overseas.

But which is the most important skill the nannies must have? Should be loving, kind, honest, creative, responsible and well organized.

We are sure that if we ask the children (and their parents) to define their nanny, they would say she is a real superhero!

Yes, because now the most popular trend among New York billionaires are nannies who can do yoga, design custom little dresses, make massages, but also learn hockey on the ice and other crazy things like these. For these reasons the market for nannies in the Big Apple, in addition to being a highly popular trade, is very well paid.


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