My Solo-travel experience has started during my Erasmus in Germany.
To be completely honest I already had experiences as a solo traveler, but I consider my trip to Scotland the first step toward travel independence for the reasons I will talk about soon.

Studying abroad, and living quite far from home allowed me to develop a bigger sense of independence, and most importantly, helped me to fully understand who I was and what I wanted to do of my life.
In this historical time, university students or postgraduate young men and women may face a moment of absolute uncertainty.
My solo travel to Scotland turned out as my personal cornerstone.

If you want to experience a mystical journey, but you cannot afford to travel to an Indian yoga retreat, HERE my TIPS to organize an unforgettable yet short solo travel in Scotland.

    I bought the flying tickets for my travel on the Black Friday.
    Weeze (Düssendorf) – Edinburgh A/R 20,40€. Extremely cheap, isn’t it?
    I was a student at the time, and we all know the rule N. 1 of every student around the world, the CHEAPEST the BETTER! In fact, traveling around Europe is absolutely affordable nowadays. Many low-cost companies offer super cheap flight tickets or travel packet all inclusive at a super worthwhile price.
  2. DO NOT BE SCARED Travel on your own also means that you must be alert 24h. No, solo traveling is not dangerous, but it is also true that you are the only one who needs to be self-conscious of your itineraries, your booking, and most importantly your own security.

Book an hotel with a front desk opened 24h

Carry different identification documents, and keep them in different bags/wallets.

Plan your daily itinerary before leaving the hotel. Sometimes using your smartphones while you’re on the go is too dangerous and self-attention absorbing.

Check out this website for more info about safe solo travels: Women Traveling Together and Solo Traveler .


I have spent only 4 days in Scotland ( do you remember what I said about students traveling with a budget, yes I definitely was one of them).

HERE the itineraries that I followed in Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Despite the fact that I landed in Edinburgh, I chose to spend the first two days of my travel in the city of Glasgow.
Edinburgh Airport-Glasgow by BUS costs 12₤.

  • HOTEL: I got off at Strathclyde, a bus station 500 m from the central zone of Glasgow. Around it, you can find many modern, and practical hostels and hostels. I have arrived in Glasgow around 7 pm. I have spent two nights a the Point.a hotel.
  • ITINERARY: It is a city that you can visit without taking any transport. That what I did. My day started from a fast walk in the city center, drinking my first Scottish morning coffee at the RiverHill Cafe.
  • Starting my day from Buchanan Street, I walked to Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum where I have spent circa 40 mins. Then I went to the Modern Art Gallery-Merchant City Square. I can probably consider this place as the real beginning of my spiritual journey in this wonderful city. I walked to Glasgow’s Cathedral and I visited the Necropolis which is situated in front of the Church. Then I came back to the city centre, I walked for circa 4h. Enjoying every sigle second of it. In the afternoon I went to the Riverside Museum first, and then to the Glasgow Science Centre.
  • WHERE TO EAT: I opted for a vegetarian lunch at the vegetarian friendly Ox and Finch restaurant. In the afternoon I enjoyed a tea at the The Hidden Lane Tearoom ( where you can find several vegan options as well). For dinner I opted for traditional Scottish food at the Ardnamurchan Scottish Restaurant & Bar.
  • DRINK WHISKEY: One of the most exciting experiences has been my first glass of whiskey. I have been lucky enough of drinking it in Scotland!!! For this incredible cornerstone of my life I opted for the Ben Nevis Pub. The City is full of pubs that offer a huge variety of whiskey. You won’t have any problem to find the one that seems legit to you. E


If you were one of those children that have spent many years hoping to receive a letter from Hogwarts, then Edinburgh will leave you speechless.

From Glasgow to Edinburgh (circa 50 mins) I took a train from the central station. Price:13₤.

  • HOTEL Jurys Inn Edinburgh in Jeffrey Street, it is 2-minute walk from the Edinburgh Waverly railway station.
  • ITINERARY I have started my walk around the city from the Royal Mile. It is incredible how JKR brilliantly reported that atmosphere in her books. It was my first time in Edinburgh, yet it felt so incredible familiar to me. On your way to the Edinburgh Castle you can find many shops where to buy souvenirs for your family and friends. The ticket for visiting the castle costs depend on the type of the ticket.
Ticket typeGate priceOnline price
Adult (16-59yrs)£19.50£17.50
Concession (60yrs+ and unemployed)*£16.00£14.00
Child (5-15yrs)£11.50£10.50

My walking Tour lead me to Old Town Alleys first and soon after I gifted myself with an incredible view of the city from Calton Hill. It is home to the Collective contemporary art gallery and the unfinished National Monument.

The day after I had only few hours before my departure. I had the chance to visit Arthur’s Seat, described by Robert Louis Stevenson as “a hill for magnitude, a mountain in virtue of its bold design”.

  • WHERE TO EAT For quick lunch I recommendTing Thai Caravan, fast and cheap . If you want to enjoy a piece of cake or a tea (or both) I strongly suggest to take a look Patisserie Valerie – Edinburgh North Bridge.If you want to experience the local kitchen I recommend to eat at the Edinburgh Larder.
  • WHERE TO BUY BOOKS I always buy a book in every city I visit. So my mention of honour goes to two very nice bookshops:The Edinburgh Book Shop and Transreal Fiction.

Have you ever been in Scotland? I would like to come back with my family. This time I would like to go to the north and finally visiting the Scottish Highlands. Do you have any suggestions?


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