How to wear Kimono for Men(especially Yukata)


I’m live in Japan, and I have worn Kimono(and Yukata) usually for 5 years. If you want to see how  wearing kimono looks in city life, I recommend you to check my twitter.

I have heard from my English teacher there are many people interested in wearing Kimono in the world(If  it’s true, I’m honored as one Japanese).

Because of that, I will write about Yukata, especially how to wear for men.

I like traditional Kimono style, however don’t like nostalgia style or uncomfortable one. I supposed to tell you real Kimono style suite to your lifestyle.

I hope this information can help you.

Difference between Kimono and Yukata

 Before get to the way how to wear Yukata, I want to tell you about something.

“Kimono” is used not only  to call cloth itself, but also to explain about all kind of Japanese traditional outfit and styleHakama style(looks like Samurai), Maiko style, Kinagashi, etc-.

↑All of above are called ”Kimono”.

In the other hand, ”Yukata” is one of style of kimono, simple and casual. It’s normal that we called Kimono itself  “Yukata “ when we wear that Kimono in “Yukata style”.

↑three of  them are Yukata style, whichever  with wearing socks or not, whatever made from cotton, flax or polyester.

We usually layer under Kimono, this underwear is called Juban-same shape of Kimono-.So you can see layered collar if someone’s outfit is “Kimono style”.


But “Yukata style” doesn’t layer, so it’s easy to wear compered to “layered Kimono style”.


Adding information, almost all Japanese don’t care and can’t notice in a moment that your outfit is “formal Kimono style” or “casual Yukata style”.

So, please don’t get nervous to wear and go out with wearing “casual Yukata style”. You can go anywhere you want, except ceremony.


  1. Yukata(made from cotton is better)
  2. Obi(Kaku-Obi is traditional but Heko-Obi is easyer to wear)
  3. Footwear(flip-flops are OK if you can’t get traditional one)

I personally recommend you to visit here-one Japanese kimono shop’s site-

How to wear Yukata

It’s difficult to understand only reading, so I picked some Youtube channels up for you.

You can see the way on YouTube

You can see more details on other YouTube

Second channel said “you need koshimimo”, but koshihimo isn’t essential if you don’t feel necessary.


And I recommend you to choose Heko-Obi, not Kaku-Obi, however these channels used Kaku-Obi, because it’s easy enough not to remember how to tie.

Only tie in the way whichever you know and would like to, it’s done!

For the case that you are confused which side of should be outside, I will tell you one easy thing to remember.

If you have wore Yukata in the right way, you can put your right hand into Yukata bosom.